At Prevencia, we pride ourselves on offering our customers high-quality insurance policies for their property and vehicles here in France. Of equal importance is the quality of the support that we give our customers. When they email us or pick up the phone to ask for our advice or our help, we do the very best that we can. Some of our customers have expressed their thanks to us for doing just this. We think it’s what makes us different.

Once again I would like to thank you for your time, attention and the help that you have given me in organising both the car and house insurance. The service you have provided to me has been absolutely first rate and I am very grateful as to how simple the whole process has been.
Many thanks Mireille. This has taken such a long time for you to recover, many thanks for your perseverance here.
Just a short note to let you know that garage CARROSSERIE DUPRAT completed the repairs on Thursday. They have repaired the car very well, with no sign that it was ever damaged. We are happy, both with the work done and with the friendly and efficient approach by the garage. Many thanks for your help in this and for ensuring that the process went so smoothly. We are very grateful.
I would just like to thank you for your help last week when I was unable to start my car. Initially the recovery centre could not find the record for either my car registration no or the contract no. However when I telephoned yourselves direct you were able to sort and arrange everything for me. Not only that, the recovery vehicle arrived within 40 minutes and got my car started. An excellent service so many thanks to everyone who helped.
Although I haven’t made many claims over my past 12-14 yrs with Generali (3 I think combined house & auto) I have always been satisfied with your business and dealings, and as always the English speaking element has facilitated matters! (although after 14 years we’re not too bad at French admin now!).
Thank you so much for your help and warm support on Monday when I phoned about the breakdown truck. Everything worked out fine and the garage was able to fit two new front tyres for us that afternoon.
Many thanks in advance and thanks for the teams support over the years. It has been very much appreciated!

Bonjour Mirielle, Many thanks for your email.That’s great news. I will send the signed document to the assessor tomorrow and let our builder know so that he can arrange to start the work as soon as possible.

As ever, many thanks for your help, particularly in explaining the documents. Our French is so basic (ignorant Brisitsh, eh?); it is so useful to have someone who can make things clear for us. Best wishes

Dear Mireille, Thank you so much for your speedy response, as efficient as always! That is great news. I will ask a pool company to provide an estimate and solution . . .

Thank you for the completion of our compensation. We appreciate the efficiency of yourself and Generali in this matter.

Ik weet niet zeker of alles nu is afgewikkeld, ik had in mijn agenda nog de juridische bijstand staan om die ook op te zeggen. Is dat inderdaad gebeurd?

Het is altijd spijtig weer een aangenaam hoofdstuk te moeten afsluiten. Ik heb al die jaren met veel plezier met jullie gewerkt en dank jullie voor de vriendelijke maar tegelijkertijd professionele benadering en afhandeling.

Nogmaals dank voor de hele prettige samenwerking,het allerbeste voor u en uw collegas.

Many thanks for all of your help with this matter. It has been an extremely difficult time for us; you have been very kind in the way you have dealt with us.