Health insurance for new arrivals to France

Short-stay or temporary expatriate health insurance in France

f you are newly-arrived in France or plan to stay for just a short time, your health insurance requirements will differ from those who have already plugged themselves into the French system and have their own Carte Vitale or those who aren’t eligible for such affiliation but who nevertheless plan to stay long-term. (For this long-term type of client, we have long-term health insurance policies tailored to your needs.) But if your situation is of this newly-arrived or short-term nature, we can offer you flexible, reasonably-priced health insurance cover ‘from the first euro’.


We offer short-term health insurance (for up to 12 months) which provides comprehensive health insurance cover. This is ideal if you plan to be in France with no intention of staying long-term OR if you plan to become a full-time resident but are waiting for your affiliation to the French health system to come through.

You can – if you want – upgrade this short-term cover to include additional benefits of:

  • world-wide repatriation assistance
  • and/or personal liability (in a private capacity)
  • and/or personal accident insurance cover.

Our partners, APRIL International, offer the MyTravel solution for those who are in France on a temporary basis – or for those whose need for this cover is temporary (because their cover from the French system has not yet been established). This package can be tailored for between a month’s and a year’s duration. There are two economical standards of cover:

  • There is a ‘Mini‘ option covering only serious problems, which are ones requiring hospitalisation and basic repatriation assistance.
  • There is also a ‘Complete‘ short-term option offering protection in all types of difficult circumstances including medical expenses from the first euro, Social Security or CFE top-up cover, repatriation assistance, legal assistance, counselling, personal liability, death and accidental disability benefit, and lost or damaged baggage. This option covers Working Holiday Visa requirements and Schengen Visa requirements.

With either policy you may pay monthly. All brochures and policies are in English, as is the 24/7 telephone assistance. Android, iOS and Windows apps are available to manage your policy and claims. This policy comes with a standard system of direct payment of your hospital charges, meaning that you don’t have to front bills yourself and then wait to be reimbursed.

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