House insurance in English for expats in France

French property insurance - buildings

House insurance in France

Our Generali house insurance policies clearly state that we will re-build your French home with identical materials therefore maintaining the charm and elegance of your home in France. This represents a major advantage over other house insurances policies available here in France – and over what you may have been used to in the UK.

The norm in France is for rebuild cover to be limited to modern materials, meaning that non-Generali policy holders could risk the loss of much of their property’s charm and character. In the UK, the norm is for ‘an expert’ to determine the value of any rebuild, often by under-valuing your property or by asserting that you were under-insured in the first place.

House insurance in France

With one of our Generali house insurance policies, these risks are practically eliminated. This is greatly helped by the fact that we know your postcode, are very familiar with regional construction methods (and therefore costs), and we have a detailed knowledge of risk by rate and type of accident. This enables us to establish a realistic rebuild cost per square metre and/or principal room. By indexing your policy against your surface area we can protect you against these types of disappointments.

French property insurance - contents

We insure the contents of your French home on a 100% new-for-old basis if less than 5 years old for hi-fi and household appliances, and less than 8 years for other items.

Public liability insurance in France

House insurance in France

French house insurance must – by law – include public liability cover. With us, this includes cover for people and pets (even for horses and donkeys).

Children’s school insurance is also included (and can be selectively upgraded).

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Dank. Ik weet niet zeker of alles nu is afgewikkeld, ik had in mijn agenda nog de juridische bijstand staan om die ook op te zeggen. Is dat inderdaad gebeurd? Het is altijd spijtig weer een aangenaam hoofdstuk te moeten afsluiten. Ik heb al die jaren met veel plezier met jullie gewerkt en dank jullie voor de vriendelijke maar tegelijkertijd professionele benadering en afhandeling. Nogmaals dank voor de hele prettige samenwerking,het allerbeste voor u en uw collegas.
Robert (December 2019)
Thank you for the completion of our compensation. We appreciate the efficiency of yourself and Generali in this matter.
Vivien and Michael (August 2018)
Dear Mireille, Thank you so much for your speedy response, as efficient as always! That is great news. I will ask a pool company to provide an estimate and solution . . .
Andrea (July 2018)
Bonjour Mirielle, Many thanks for your email.That's great news. I will send the signed document to the assessor tomorrow and let our builder know so that he can arrange to start the work as soon as possible. As ever, many thanks for your help, particularly in explaining the documents. Our French is so basic (ignorant Brisitsh, eh?); it is so useful to have someone who can make things clear for us. Best wishes
David and Fay (January 2019)
Many thanks in advance and thanks for the teams support over the years. It has been very much appreciated!
Curtis (March 2018)
Many thanks for all of your help with this matter. It has been an extremely difficult time for us; you have been very kind in the way you have dealt with us.
David and Fay (August 2017)
First of all let me thank you for all your help in this matter you have been wonderful. Would you also be as kind to let me know what days you are working as I would love to pop over and see you and thank you in person.
Lisa (November 2017)
Thank you for your prompt response and confirmation and thank you very much for all your assistance on handling this matter so professionally.
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Thank you for responding so quickly to our problem. It is encouraging to know that steps can now be taken to cure our difficulty - perhaps we may be warm again some time next week!! Again, let me say “thank you” for your helpful advice - this is the first time we have found it necessary to make a claim in nearly 8 years.
Susan and John (January 2017)
Thank you Mireille, and thank you for the sweeties. I always feel so much clearer after my visits. I am too old to handle all this properl!
Nonie (October 2016)
Thank you very much for such a clear and helpful explanation. It can be a bit complicated with an unfamiliar system so very grateful for what you write. I will send off the document and await further developments. At least we can now organise the artisans.
Ian (October 2016)
It remains only for me to thank you very much for your patience, and your great help. I am most grateful to you.
Charlie M. (June 2016)
I just wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for the visit of M. xxx on Thursday (date). His visit was particularly helpful. Would you please pass on my kindest regards for his courtesy, politeness and understanding?
Stephen D. (May 2016)
Merci pour votre cooperation et de règlement rapide.
Ruud J. (April 2016)
Thanks you SO much for this very full and understandable explanation. It makes alot more sense to me than anything I have ever got from AXA!!!
Frances S. (April 2016)
Thank you for all your help in this matter and the quick response to our claim.
Colin F. (March 2016)
Thank you for your precious time. I believe my Artisan and I both now understand your compensation offer better. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH !! March 2016.
Phil S. (March 2016)
Once again, Mireille, thank you so much for your help and assistance. It is really appreciated. Well done !
Michael W. (January 2016)
Sending all the team at Prevencia a very happy christmas and thank you for all your help to us during 2015 - wishing you a very happy and successful 2016! December 2015.
Ingrid & John H. (December 2015)
Thank you for your prompt and full reply and for forwarding those links to me. Very helpful! December 2015.
Deborah W. (December 2015)
The money has now arrived in our account! We would like to thank you very much for your help and your patience in this matter, it is much appreciated! Grand "merci", and kind regards. November 2015.
Sigrid and John D. (November 2015)
I have found the quote process nice and easy and you have answered all my questions promptly. E-mail works well for me and I can see why I have seen so many recommendations online. I look forward to recommending your company to friends and family.
Christopher W
Thank you so much for all your help in this matter.
Andrew C. (October 2015)
With renewed thanks for your continuing help.
Charlie M. (October 2015)
I appreciate your help in this claim.
Graham S. (October 2015)
Thank you for your email of last week and for attaching the expert's report. I understood it perfectly as I read French so much better than I speak it. Also thank you for your advice regarding Mme X, but it was exactly as we had thought. Many, many thanks for your prompt and pleasant response to our claim.
Elaine M. (October 2015)
Many thanks for your helpful and informative message. I really appreciate your prompt action in this matter.
Michael W. (October 2015)
I hope that you will be able to act on our behalf and kindly secure some financial contribution from Generali in this particular case. Your intervention is much appreciated.
John D. (September 2015)
Merci pour votre réponse. Tout est clair et ce que vous avez proposé, c’est tres gentil. On est d’accord est nous vous remercions.
Theo S. (August 2015)
Thank you very much for all your help.
Malcolm M.
You have been very efficient thank you.
Robert L. (July 2015)
Thank you so much Mireille, for your patience and help . . . thank you so much for your consideration and efficiency! . . . Thank you so much for all your hard work on our behalf.
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Thank you very much for this - I couldn’t think how to get that information. Super-efficient as always!
Julia K. (February 2015)

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