We have had most of

We have had most of our insurances running through your firm for the last 8 years, they have always been efficient and courteous to deal with.
They are not the cheapest of insurance firms around but in our case they have been worth every penny.
In 2007 we started having major problems with our newly constructed house, it was still only 3 years into its 10 year guarantee, or Assurance Decenale.
It became quickly clear that Axa, the main insurers, would have nothing to do with us and were not going to pay out, whatever proof of incompetence and faulty workmanship by our Enterprise de Batiment we send them, they meanwhile had gone out of business! just to complicate matters.
Talking the situation over with you, you proposed to talk to AXA on our behalf and see what he could do, although this was beyond the call of duty, as our builder’s Decenale had nothing to do with your office.
Today, two and a half years later, we received the news that a cheque is on the way for the total amount we claimed, the best part of 10.000€ !
Throughout the whole long drawn out process, you did not give up although you certainly were less than hopeful at various stages of the process! We had virtually given up by then.
Due to your knowledge of the insurance business and your effortless french you calmly and politely must have worn them down and in the end they surrendered.
Thank you all!