Driving licences in Europe

In the United Kingdom you are entitled to have a driving licence as from 17 for cars and motorcycles, 18 for medium-sized vehicles, and 21 for large lorries and busses.

Your UK licence is valid up to the expiry date which is printed on the licence, below the date and place of birth.

When you turn 70, in the UK you will have to ask for the renewal of your licence, which will be renewed for a period of three years.

Visitors who come from other European countries, as well as Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, and hold a valid Community licence can drive any vehicle during the period of validity of their licence. The appropriate full entitlement for the vehicle you wish to drive must be printed on the licence.

As long the driving licence does not show an expiry date, it is valid in the UK s it is in the country of origin, as it is regulated under the law of the country of origin, and not under the British law.

And what if you are 70 years or more?

If you drive around in the UK with a non-English driving licence, and the country which regulates your driving licence does not apply an age limit, then your licence will be valid in the UK, without discussion.

In France

You are entitled to have a driving licence for cars under 3.5 tons and motorbikes up to 125 cc from of the age of 18 ; you only need to be 21 if you want the licence for busses, and all the other licences can be obtained at 18 if beforehand you have your car driving licence.

Your category B driving licence is valid for ever. There is no expiry date for reason of age. The French government has launched a discussion about introducing an expiry date according to the age of the driver, but “Automobile Club de France“, a very large lobby, showed up, the government backed up on the spot.

Visitors who come from all European Community countries with a driving licence can use this licence without age limit, or can ask for conversion to a French driving licence.

You only have the obligation to change your foreign driving licence into a French one if the French authorities want to take off points from the driving licence, or suspend or take it away, in case of offence.

Source of information: DLVA in the UK, and an interview from a French civil servant in charge of driving licences at the Prefecture.

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