Discounts available on compulsory insurance for auto-entrepreneurs

If you are in business as an auto-entrepreneur, then from January 2016 you are required to have professional insurance. Each time you issue a quote (devis) or a bill (facture) you will need to mention your policy’s reference number. This form of insurance comes in many guises, but can include:

  • professional liability insurance
  • damage insurance to cover premises, equipment or stock
  • legal assistance insurance
  • loss of earnings insurance

Most of the time, as an auto-entrepreneur, you are required to take out just the professional liability insurance. Premiums are calculated on an individual basis, taking into account turn-over and the type of business you are running.

Discounts available

Generali is offering a six month free introductory deal when taking out cover for premises or equipment. This is valid until 31st December 2015. In addition Prevencia is offering a possible 20% discount on some of these policies for auto-entrepreneurs. This discount can be increased when clients take out a range of policies.

The information provided here is for general guidance. The exact details of your policy will define your legal and contractual obligations. What is written there will take precedence over what is written here.

Ces informations sont données à titre indicatif. Pour connaître précisément vos obligations légales ou contractuelles en relation avec votre contrat d’assurance, veuillez vous référer aux conditions générales et particulières de votre contrat.