Car insurance in English for expats in France

Our vehicle insurance

Car insurance for expats in France
We provide the following as standard for your vehicle insurance in France:
  • accident forms in English
  • roadside assistance (similar to that provided by Green Flag/RAC) in 42 countries with/without the car – this means that even if the car is at home and you and your family are abroad, via another means of transport, the family are still covered
This policy is akin to a travel insurance policy for all the family! You could also opt for a replacement vehicle option.

Insuring right-hand drive vehicles in France

Car insurance in Europe doesn't function in a global market fashion. UK insurers consider that once someone is resident in France, then their UK car insurance can be regarded as invalid. So if you have just arrived in France with a right-hand drive car with UK plates, you need to find an insurer here in France. We can help! Here in France we are able to offer:
  • cover for foreign-registered cars for up to three months. This initial period can be extended by a further 3 months on the condition that the request to import the car has been made at your local prefecture during the initial 3 month period.
  • a solution that could be better value than paying extra for a short-term green card
Although we can indeed provide cover for your right-hand drive vehicle, we'd question why you'd use a foreign-registered car here in France. It can be argued that you are not as safe as you would otherwise be ... and does your front-seat passenger really like being propelled towards oncoming traffic whenever you overtake? Probably not!

The Constat Amiable d'Accident Automobile

This is the loveable little form that European insurance requires you to keep in your glove box. You are probably aware that these forms are available in English. In the UK insurers issue them with your green card. Well, you can complete these in English - even if your car is French-registered - and you can submit them to us (in English) if ever you need to make a claim through us. That's all legal and acceptable. You can download an English version or an English and French version of this form from this page on our website. And there's more, too... We have some clear and important advice for how you fill in these little beauties. See the 'Who's liable?' page or email us for more detailed information.

Discounts for dashcams fitted and working

From October 2015, Prevencia is offering a generous 10% discount on car insurance policy premiums when a dashcam is fitted, working and in use. You can read more about this in our blog post entitled Ten percent premium discount when a dashcam is used.

What our customers say about our support with their car insurance:

Thanks Mireille for the great job on the emergency Card last Friday, it was much appreciated.
Malcolm M. (August 2015)
Grands remerciements pour votre célérité.
Sue M. (April 2016)
Thank you also for all the help you have provided to us after the Accident. The hire car was OK. As well as all your other help. Many thanks. February 2016.
Ken and Pam A. (February 2016)
Thank you for your assistance since my accident, it is really appreciated by both of us, although it is not over yet. We would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. December 2015.
Frank & Lynn W. (December 2015)
Thank you a million times for all your patient help with my recent car accident. I feel that I really can't thank you enough. November 2015.
Daphne F-W. (November 2015)
Thank you for your kindness and professionalism, which you have demonstrated throughout these unfortunate matters. November 2015.
Stephen D. (November 2015)
En tout cas je vous remercie pour l'aide que vous avez me donner. November 2015.
Melvyn C. (November 2015)
It has again been a pleasure dealing with you and your company, and I will endeavour to use / recommend your services in the future. Thank you.
Kevin R
Thank you very much for all your help and understanding. It's been a pleasure to have such service.
Tim A
I thank you again for your excellent service. It has made all the difference.
Philip P
Nous voulons vous remercier pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour nous.
Steven G. (November 2015)
This is just to say ‘thank you’. Everything went off very well and we are now at home with a courtesy car from the Renault Garage. You were very kind to phone Renault and arrange this for me.
Daphne F. (October 2015)
Thank you for keeping us informed and your hard work in getting to this point.
Lynn A. (September 2015)
Thank you for continued great service.
Jeremy K. (August 2015)
You’ve been very helpful. I appreciate all you’ve done concerning this matter.
Tina B. (August 2015)
Thanks Mireille for the great job on the emergency Card last Friday, it was much appreciated. Thanks & Kind Regards
Malcolm M. (July 2015)
Thank you for all your help in this matter.
Patrick M. (August 2015)
I will, of course, send you the required documents in the post, and you can be sure we will insure our next car with you too . . . We will have a look this weekend, thank you for your support with this unfortunate incident.
Mark S. (August 2015)
Thank you for your recent email and for dealing with our claim so quickly.
Joanna K. (July 2015)
Thank you, you are extremely helpful.
Philip M. (July 2015)
Thank you for your helpful and speedy reply. Thank you for moving so quickly to what looks like an elegant solution. We are very grateful indeed for the speed, efficiency and creativity with which you have handled this matter.
Richard S. (June 2015)
Je tiens à vous remercier pour tous que vous faites pour nous, on l’apprécie beaucoup.
Irene H. (June 2015)
Many thanks for your competent handling of this whole unfortunate experience. You were a great help with sound advice and I am very grateful.
Andrea G. (June 2015)
I want to express the dear feelings I have for the way you handled my accident in the Netherlands! Thank you so much, you are a credit to the company! I spoke to the garage today and they promptly payed back the 270 euro's.
Hans M. (December 2014)
I would really like to thank you again for your assistance in this matter. You have made a totally unacceptable situation a lot fairer and easier to accept.
David M. (September 2015)

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