Our team and our ethos

Gilles Piriou and Max Lamothe

Gilles Piriou and Max Lamothe are the managers of Generali’s agency in Eauze. They took the business over in November 2013 when it was located in Lagraulet du Gers. In December 2015, the office moved to Eauze. They also own SARL PREVENCIA, an insurance business which sells insurance policies either for Generali with an agent’s mandate or for other companies as a broker.

Gilles and Max have a long experience in the world of insurance, as they have both been inspectors for GAN and GENERALI, since 1982 for Gilles and since 1991 for Max. They set up PREVENCIA in January 2000 to provide insurance services directly to clients.

PREVENCIA has always set a high value on giving quality of service to their clients thanks to the professional assets and skills of the insurance companies and staff members that they have worked with. The reward for this quality is the trust and faithfulness of their clients: PREVENCIA presently counts more than 8,500 clients, be it households or businesses.

PREVENCIA has five agencies in the South West of France: in Aire sur Adour, Dax and Mont de Marsan in Les Landes, Bayonne in Pyrénées Atlantiques and Eauze in the Gers.

The agency of Eauze is devoted to clients coming from other European countries.

Pierre Dauriac

Pierre is our commercial representative. With various members of our team, Pierre can be seen visiting our clients in our typically British set of wheels!

Prevencia's set of typically British wheels


Géraldine handles policies for clients named from A to G.


Marie-Laure handles policies for clients named from H to N.


Marion handles policies for clients named from O to Z.


Anne handles policies for Flemish and German clients.


Our international team is at your disposal for any question you might have, to provide your insurance policies and to help you with your claims (not too many, please!). The whole team speaks both French and English. Everyone in our Eauze office will be more than happy to talk to you about any worry or concern you may have. One thing you can be sure of is that you will get an honest answer! Call us and we will guide you.

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Telephone us directly on: +33 (05 62 03 70 00).